Some days it’s almost impossible to do anything, it’s as though you’re paralyzed.  Getting from the couch to the kitchen can be a major undertaking.  The dishes are piled up and the house is a mess. A shower and personal hygiene can be non-existent.  There is no way in hell that you’ll be going outside.

Mentally, you’re defeated and in despair. Some wish they could just not exist, other contemplate ways of getting out of the game altogether, and some do take the ultimate choice to leave the world.

When your mind is broken, abnormal, naturally defeatist and out to get you, the fight to make it through the day is enough.  This is depression and it is an illness, don’t beat yourself up or berate yourself for being lazy or unmotivated.  Accept that you have an affliction that will cause, what is entirely illogical actions and thoughts. If you have this and are alive.  You are already strong.

Give yourself credit for making through one more day.  That makes you a survivor, you are brave, and you’ve beat the brain that wants you dead.

There is always tomorrow and a possibility for a glimpse of happiness.