For some, there is a darkness that runs so deep that it permeates their whole being.  It is a soul-sickness that affects them in ways that are often unexplainable to those of the average temperament.  This illness, which is often regarded to as despair, hopelessness, anguish, severe melancholy or medically as depression, haunts this person day and night. This insidious depression is relentless in its manner of attaching itself to every thought, turning all ideas into dark disparaging thoughts.  The ultimate goal is motivating the sufferer to end the seemingly permanent torture with an early self-inflicted death.


The people who battle this nightmare daily are stronger than most can fathom.  This permanent midnight, this life-long war is invisible to the outsiders who will never know what these warriors brave.  It is unknown to most, practically unfathomable that a person courageously struggles to save their own life daily.  These special cursed souls, born with a thorn in their side, are not suffering in vain.  With each challenge, sleepless torture filled night, unending agonizing day, their endurance grows, as does their search for significance.  The relentless pain was not a hideous joke from the Gods.  Remember that this all has a purpose, just endure and remember from the little spark may start a tremendous fire.