For my father:


One of my favorite days in my life was when it was so innocent.  I must have been twelve years-old and I remember how badly I wanted to see “Stand By Me”, which was rated R.  It was at that theater off 41 where Books-a-Million is now.  You took me on one of those long sunny Sunday afternoons that I dreaded because I had not finished my homework and school was the next day.

I remember it was a late afternoon film and I could see it because you were an adult of course.  We got popcorn and cokes and I was so drawn into the film and the 1950’s.  The music, the clothes, the cars, and the culture.  The film was all about seeing a dead body and then the kids finally seeing it and coming to grips with their own mortality.  Then forwarding to the future when the lead, who became an attorney died in a stabbing.  It was quite emotional and gripping to me.  It was also magical and just spending time with you and knowing that you knew all about those days.

Afterwards we went down to “GD Ritzy’s” and bought cheeseburgers and cheese-fries and you told me all about growing up and the fifties and being a kid.  Fred and the beach and the cars and parties.  What it was like in high school.  It was so intriguing and meaningful to me to know so much.  This was just one of the many times though that I recall.  For some reason, I was blessed or cursed with a very vivid and detailed memory that stores many particular days.  For these I am grateful, but it’s also bittersweet, even being 41, I would not mind going back to that day to spend it again with you.

Thanks dad.