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Existential Dark Comedy

You think your life sucks? For Jack Kopecky, life is a series of disappointments at best. With his reputation torn to shreds thanks to a fraudulent rape charge, a narcissistic ex-wife, and a back-stabbing psychiatrist, downing a cocktail of Percocet and vodka never felt so tempting. That is, until he meets Mona Bertram. Mona is odd: Jack likes that, and it scares the hell out of him. Even worse, her 8 year-old and weirdly insightful “brother” Ellery reignites his passion to finish his children’s book “The Beaver that Did.” In a whirlwind of existentialist sock puppets, farmer’s markets and 12-step programs, Jack re-discovers a part of himself he thought had died in this kooky pair. Just when it seems like his luck has changed for the better, fate strikes again in the form of city limits and llamas, and Jack struggles to preserve the tiny piece of sanity he has finally created.

View a clip from the film here Meet Conseula – from Jack Kopecky

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Scene from the shrinks office

Int. Dr. Ploogis office – afternoon

Jack is sitting on a fluffy red couch, DR.PLOOGIS, who is called DR. P, sits in his vibrating chair which occasionally turns on and off.  He is texting.  He’s in his mid-thirties, sloppy, bearded, with an old blazer, baggy pants, and purple Crocs.

Above him are his diplomas, “Strayer University” and “San Juan Bautista School of Medicine”.  The wall is full of post-modernist paintings of nude women.  Books on Freud, Jung, and Nietzsche line his bookshelf, as well as outdated medical and pharmacology magazines.

In the corner sits a large old deformed Ms. Piggy for the children he counsels. His desk area consists of all pharmaceutically labeled supplies. The clock reads “Methylphenidate”.


So Jack, has that magic cocktail of pills I’ve been prescribing been fixing your depression or does it need tweaking?


Well, I have no sex drive,I sleep fifteen hours a day, my jaw moves rapidly out of the blue and my skin feels like sandpaper.  Oh, and I have a bad case of IBS.


So, it seems to be working? See, you’re not depressed. Not one word of depression. What do I have you on again. I don’t recall.


Let’s see – Haldol, Seroquel, Latuda,Prozac, Ativan as needed and I need it all the time. Oh, and Thorazine, Geodon, Ambien, and Gabapentin.


Okay. Good. Do you feel like you need anything else?


Yeah, can I get some Valium, I heard that helps nerves and my nerves are shot.


I guess so, I’ll switch out the Ativan to Xanax, three milligrams, three times a day, but no drinking on this, it just increases the effects and you get drunk quicker.  It is actually supposed to give you a better buzz, so don’t do it!


Really?  Okay.

Dr. P

Good.  I’m glad you’re doing so well.  My secretary will schedule your next appointment. Good day Mr. Kopecky.