The essence of joy can be almost heavenly, but the pain associated with it is that it is fleeting and ephemeral and the memories of those magnificent moments last only so long. Like everything, that emotion, feeling, or whatever you may call it is transitory and the recollection of what was once was felt can be painful to remember, because the good was so “good”. Even in our happiest moments a shadow of darkness follows, an echo, reminding us that the glorious moment can only be lived once. The pain that follows pleasure, is what we often refer to as bittersweet moments.


On the flipside, in our darkest moments, recalling that we did at one time in pleasure, we feel some sort of freedom from despair, some “Joie de vivre” reminds the soul that there is hope in the future. Hope for another chance to experience pure delight in life without any attachments except the feeling of contentment. That all is well in the world and that we are desired and lovable creations and that just by living on, we will feel this pure happy life experience again gives hope in hopeless moments. It seems this is somewhat the ebb and flow in living and existing.


If possible, there can be a choice. One can capture and practice dwelling in that essence of joy and holding onto the reasoning, knowing that new pleasures will come again. Rather to concede and let the inevitable stranglehold of despair take hold, falling into the trap that one is doomed to only more hopelessness. If this is put in practice, life may be a little less dark and a little more hopeful. This is just some of my thoughts about the ups and downs that are sure to happen in life.